Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ok, I'm terrible at this blog thing!

So, as you can see it's been months since I've posted anything on here! A Lot has happened, I've just been bad about updating. I promise that I'll get on here soon to post something for your reading pleasure!:)


Tiffany Ochsner said...

oh man... I've been so bad at it too.. just toooo busy.
the last post I did I promised I'd do pregnancy updates all the time... lol ... not a one.
I should delete that post! HA!
no worries.. you'll find the time someday.. :)

nate and anne said...

FINALLY jenn, geez. I mean, here i am posting blogs DAILY and you haven't for months! :) haha, i think it was actually last august that I blogged. Someday we'll all be so good at it!

Tiffany Ochsner said...

LOL at Anne's comment... yea I've been slacking big time since I left Carlton... hahaha I had all day long at work to focus on my blogging there. now I have to take time out of "me time" and every thing else going on to do it...which just never happens. When Allie starts school I'll be home all day with Hailey and get more time to myself (maybe) ;)